Bareq + Becky – Whistler Wedding Photography

September 16, 2015


When two people are crazy in love, you can just tell. You can tell by the way they move, the way they touch, the way they look at each other. Nothing could be more true for Bareq and Becky.

Over two hundred and twenty people came from all over the world, from Seattle to Afghanistan, to celebrate with this beautiful couple as they tied the knot in Whistler, BC. With the amazing help of the Sea to Sky Celebrations team, Bareq and Becky put on an incredible event, seamlessly blending both western and eastern marriage traditions. During the hectic run up to the wedding, and even on the day itself, you could see that everything was perfect because they were together. From endless laughs as they got ready and the emotional first look, to the beautiful rooftop ceremony and amazingly energetic and entertaining dance party, Bareq and Becky?s wedding was one of those celebrations that you are simply proud to have been a part of.

Congratulations Bareq and Becky!