Chasing Light with Kevin and Anne-Ga?lle – Normandy, France

August 12, 2015

Time. Time is something we all wish we had more of. Time for each other, time for our kids, time to eat, time to sleep, time to relax. Hours turn into days which turn into weeks, never stopping for those of us who wish it could sometimes just slow down a little.

On a typical wedding day, time is always a factor. Hair and makeup, suits, dresses, flower delivery, first look, ceremony, cocktail hour, speeches, dinner, dance… all planned down to the minute in hopes of a seamless celebration. The scheduled pace of the day offers its excitement and challenges photographically. Sometimes you may have only minutes, seconds even, to capture moments that will be remembered forever. I enjoy this challenge, and appreciate the time that is given to me to do what I love on the wedding day.

When Kevin, Anne-Ga?lle and I set out to take a few images the day before their wedding, we chose to ignore time. We had nowhere to be and no one to meet. All Kevin and Anne-Ga?lle wanted to do was be with each other, and all I wanted to do was capture their time together. While we waited for the clouds to break and reveal the evening light, we joked and laughed and passed the time away. These are some of the memories of France that I love the most, and the candid images we created are some of my favorites.

Everyday we go about our lives and may not be aware as the time passes by. It?s nice once in a while to slow it all down, relax, and enjoy the time we are given…