Eric + Sara – Whistler Engagement Photography

June 23, 2016


?Being soaked alone is cold. Being soaked with your best friend is an adventure.?

? Emily Wing Smith

I first met Eric years ago through a friend when we went out to shoot some urban snowboarding in Whistler. Since then, we had stayed in touch and I had shot him a few more times riding for Whistler Blackcomb, as well as for a few personal projects. When Eric asked me to photograph his and Sara?s wedding, I was excited and honoured to work with this creative and adventurous couple.

When Eric, Sara and I discussed their upcoming Whistler engagement?photography, we knew we wanted to go somewhere different, somewhere rugged. These two are a true Whistler couple, living their lives outdoors, be it hiking, biking, skateboarding or snowboarding. In these images, I wanted to portray the adventurous nature of this amazing couple, yet show their elegance and love for each other.

They picked me up early and we set out for a cliff I had often seen but had never photographed. We got to the top just as the sun had hit it, causing long shadows and beautiful warm light. Eric and Sara were amazing, climbing, hugging and holding each other, standing together at the edge of the world.

After the cliff, we decided to hike to the base of a waterfall just south of Whistler. Scrambling down boulder fields, climbing down ropes and then through the forest, we finally got to the base of the falls. The morning was warm and the light had just begun to creep into the canyon. As we were shooting, we kept getting closer and closer to roar and the mist of the the waterfall. By the time we had taken the final photograph of their Whistler engagement, we all were soaked, but we were excited with the images we had created.

Thank you Eric and Sara for being up for anything, and always saying yes to ?just one more!?.