Nita Lake Lodge Wedding – Whistler BC – Jake + Kristy

July 13, 2016

Often I think about it and am overwhelmed by how lucky I feel to be able to photograph the kind of ?couples that I work with. These couples are fun and adventurous, with a love for eachother that is only equaled by their love for life itself. They will climb up, climb down, squeeze harder and stay just that few minutes longer to allow me to explore and capture the images I love to create. These couples put their trust in me and I am honored and humbled to be able to work with them.

This is truly the case with Jake and Kristy. From the moment I arrived to their Nita Lake Lodge wedding, I had a smile from ear to ear. With a fun family and crazy wedding party, the day was spent laughing, shooting, and playing with a puppy with the second name ?Sushi? (Kimba is her first name). Jake, Kristy and I then decided to go on an adventure for a little while into the forests of Whistler. We spent some time walking along the rocks, ducking through the trees, and at one point actually scaling down a path that was really just a rock ledge with a log below it. Jake, and especially Kristy, were absolute rock stars, going pretty much anywhere I ?suggested? could be a great photograph. But the best part about this beautiful couple? The way they looked at eachother, and held one another like they would never let go.

With these loving and adventurous souls, how are we drawn to each other as client and vendor? I?m not really sure. But I do know that when the wedding day is over, we have become friends more than anything.

Thank you Jake and Kristy. All the best on your journey together and I know I will see you again in this little mountain town someday.

Venue – A?Nita Lake Lodge?Wedding

Marriage Commissioner – Sandy Pyatt

Wedding Planner – Celebrate Whistler

Band – The Hairfarmers