Roaming the World – Morocco

April 19, 2016

?I haven?t been everywhere, but it?s on my list.? ? Susan Sontag

I read this quote a while ago and connected to it right away. Travelling is something that gets us out of our everyday routine and takes us to places where nothing is familiar. To experience new cultures, new sounds, new smells, new tastes…there is nothing quite like it. Travelling makes us realize just how small in this amazing world we really are. Anywhere, everywhere…that?s where I want to go next.

In our journey through the Kingdom of Morocco, we got lost in the old medina of Fes, spend nights awestruck by the stars of the Sahara, were ?charmed? by the snake charmers of Marrakesh and drove for hours through an endless landscape. After immersing ourselves into this beautiful culture for two weeks, we feel like we?ve only just scratched the surface.