Terry + Liz – Whistler Wedding Photography

September 23, 2015

In one of the craziest storms of the summer, with a rainfall warning lasting all day and into the night, I turned to Terry and Liz and asked ?Would you still like to climb those cliffs for me?!?

Terry and Liz were an amazing couple to photograph. They were always laughing, their smiles were contagious, and anything I asked, ?no problem? was the answer! Even when the ceremony location had to be moved indoors and the timing of the whole wedding day had to be altered the night before, nothing could bother these two, because in the end, they were getting married…and that?s all that mattered. Friends and family travelled from all over Canada and the USA to Whistler to spend an amazing weekend with these guys. The rain managed to let up for a few minutes while we were hiking to our photo location, revealing a stunning landscape below. When you have two people so in love and so excited to be married to each other, even a rainfall warning becomes a minor detail.

Congratulations Terry and Liz and thank you for the adventures!