If you ask a married couple what their wedding day was like, many will speak of the beauty of their day and the emotion of the celebration. They may laugh or even cry as they share their stories, from the moment they first saw each other down the aisle, to the very first song they danced to as one. The beautiful flowers and wonderful decor, the rain or shine (or snow and wind), or even the crazy toast by the drunken uncle, couples will smile as the relive their unique and amazing day.


The images we as photographers strive to capture throughout the wedding day are meant to help bring back those memories that are to be cherished forever. In this day and age of the digital medium, only a select few images are generally shared through social media, while a few more will be stored on a phone or tablet. One or two may even be hung on a wall, but so many will be put onto a hard drive and stored in an office drawer, rarely to be seen again.

One of the ways I find that helps to keep these images together in their unique story is through the use of wedding albums. There is something special about holding a real book, opening it, turning it page by page and feeling the moments within. To sit with your loved ones together on a couch, and huddle around so everyone can see…this is something a tablet or phone can never replace.


I love wedding albums and offer the option to every couple that I have the honor of working with. Some couples choose just one for themselves, while others may add them as gifts for their parents. We work together in selecting their favorite images and then I create a layout for them to view and approve. The albums themselves are simple and elegant and are handmade in Italy, with beautiful thick, lay flat pages and come delivered in a custom wooden box. The process can take weeks or even months, but the final wedding album is incredible, and the memories that are captured within the pages can be shared and passed down for generations to come. Think of it as your very first family heirloom, created on the day where two lives became one.

The images below are from an amazing couple named Krystal and Paul that I had the pleasure of working with a couple years ago. When it was time to deliver their wedding album, I asked if I could drop it off in person and document the first time they opened it. Together with their little man Jacob, they sat at their couch and looked through it page by page, laughing as they relived the moments of their wedding story. It was so great to be there and share that moment with them, and to know that one day, little Jacob will have a story of his own.