Whistler Engagement – Whistler Blackcomb – Lisa + Laurent

April 1, 2017

Lisa and Laurent?s Whistler engagement was one of my favourite sessions of 2016. From riding gondolas and chairlifts, to hiking along the rugged peaks, to the last few moments as the sun was setting, getting to spend the time I did with this wonderful couple was amazing.
For their Whistler engagement, Lisa and Laurent wanted to capture the stunning landscape that surrounded our little mountain town. We decided the best way to capture this beauty was to head to the very top of Whistler mountain itself, and spend our time walking the area together. We started at the?Peak and explored the panoramic views from the edges of cliffs. From there, we headed across the landscape to Harmony as the sun was getting lower in the sky and we were able to play with the beautiful shadows it created. Eventually we ended up back at the Roundhouse as the sun was about to fall behind the mountain for good. As they walked, hugged, laughed and kissed, I could feel the love and connection these two had with one another. Lisa and Laurent were a lot of fun and it was truly an honour to spend the evening exploring together?for their Whistler engagement session.