Wil + Jeanette – Whistler Wedding Photography

June 8, 2016

The night before Wil and Jeanette?s Whistler wedding, I sent them a quick note to ask them a question??Are you guys still ok to do some photos outside even if it rains?? (by if, I meant when, as it was predicted 15mm+ of rainfall for the following day!). I continued?? I found an incredible spot, it?s a bit hard to get to, and we will need jackets and probably some different shoes too. Are you up for an adventure?? The response??Let?s do it! I brought gum boots and umbrellas :)?


It was a humbling experience that they trusted me so much to be able to stomp around Whistler, hiking up cliffs, down ledges and through branches in the cold pouring rain. For Will and Jeanette, as long as they were together, nothing else mattered. It was their wedding day, and it was perfect just being in eachother?s arms.

Congratulations Wil and Jeanette. It was an honor to spend the day with you and your family for your wonderful Whistler wedding celebration!

Planning: Sea to Sky Celebrations

Marriage Commissioner: Jeremy Postal

Hair and makeup: Kerry Waring

Venue: Nita Lake Lodge